New Democrats working for change

A division of the South Carolina Democrats is making its voice heard. Named SC New Democrats, the group’s leaders promise to have new solutions to old problems.
The group is being chaired by long-time Democratic icon Phil Noble.
Listen to Noble on New Democrats
A new Internet poll conducted by the New Democrats of more than 900 Democratic activists indicates a belief that South Carolina is headed in the wrong direction. Eighty-seven percent indicated that the state government needs major economic and social reform. Only 20 percent believe that their children will be better off than they are.
The poll indicates that more than 65 percent are skeptical that Democrats will win in 2010. Noble says the state is in a crisis, but it’s also an opportunity for Democrats to present bold, new innovative solutions.
The New Democrats will host an online chat session during the debate of Democratic and Republican candidates Tuesday night. The debate will be televised over ETV beginning at 8 pm.
But Noble says the group is not that new. It has been around for decades, working behind the scenes since Dick Riley was governor.
A poll of Democratic activists indicated that unemployment is the most important issue facing South Carolinians today, followed by the economy, education, health care, environmental issues, budget shortages and government corruption.
Noble said the New Democrats have a new direction, closely involving the business community.
And he says if they don’t fix the education system, nothing else matters:More from Noble on education
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