Grooms: SC builds cheaper, more reliable aircraft

Last week, Boeing announced its plans to build a new assembly line for its 787 jetliners in North Charleston. As the choice was narrowed down to South Carolina and Everett, Washington, Berkeley Senator Larry Grooms said Boeing made the right choice.

State Senator Larry Grooms

“Our people will build aircraft. We will build it more reliable, we will build it cheaper. We will be more dedicated, and the folks with Boeing’s management, their board of directors, they know that, and they understand that. In fact, I think the whole world knows that because within the first two hours of Boeing’s stock shot up 2 percent,” says Grooms.
Since the announcement, some people in the Seattle area have criticized Boeing for its decision to expand in South Carolina. However, Grooms says sometimes it’s hard to face the facts.
“Everybody knows that we can do a better job. If you are out there in Washington, it’s got to be of great disappointment to the 80,000 or so folks that work there because they do take pride in their work. But, then again it’s not about us competing against Everett, it’s about a United States company. It’s about us competing with AirPlus, the European union,” says Grooms.
Grooms believes Boeing realized the work effort and benefits South Carolinians can bring to the company. He says Everett isn’t the only answer.
“They could’ve built this assembly plant anywhere in the world, but they didn’t, they chose South Carolina. They chose us because of what we can do. Give us a chance world and we will show you you can make money here. Our people will make the best products of any other people in the world,” says Grooms.