Charleston residents tell Boeing what to expect

As Boeing moves into North Charleston, local residents speak about their city- the good, the bad, and what some consider to be the ugly. Boeing announced it will build a new assembly line in North Charleston. Now that the decision was made, a Charleston affiliate WTMA talk-show had listeners call in to prepare Boeing employees moving into the Lowcountry what to expect.
“The city’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We don’t have skyscrapers. Everything’s close in Charleston, you can walk all the way across town in 30 minutes.”
“I think it’s a nice place to live. Maybe some of the down side is people are still narrow-minded in many ways.”
“Well, when I moved here I didn’t realize so many bugs had teeth. But, my biggest defense to the Lowcountry cause I’ve lived here for so many years is the weather.”
“We’re a friendly city.”
Boeing will hire many locals in the Charleston area, but it will also bring with it employees already on the payroll in Washington. Everett, Washington was the other city up for the assembly line.
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