Bauer asks McMaster to fight move of Gitmo prisoners

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer is taking a stand against terror suspects being sent to South Carolina for trial. This week, Congress was briefed that detainees might be sent from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to U.S. locations. One of those is Charleston’s Navy brig.
Bauer, SC House Speaker Bobby Harrell, Congressman Henry Brown and Gresham Barrett Monday released statements against this action. Bauer is asking his gubernatorial opponent, State Attorney General Henry McMaster to do something about it.
“For Washington to be talking about bringing those folks to South Carolina concerns me and a lot of people in South Carolina. So I went to the most logical person. Some people said why would you go to him when he is an opponent in a gubernatorial election? Well, this is bigger than politics. It’s about what’s right and wrong and good for South Carolinians,” says Bauer.
The Lt. Governor says he has teamed up with the Attorney General before on issues against the federal government. This is a case of safety and economic hardship, says Bauer.
“To bring these people to U.S. soil means they get treated as any U.S. citizen will. We’ll be paying for their defense. Here are people who are totally against our form of society, yet we’ll give them the same privileges that you would give a U.S. citizen, ” says Bauer.