Who to lead fight against SC taking Gitmo detainees?

Two of South Carolina’s Congressional Republicans, Henry Brown and Gresham Barrett seek to challenge the federal government’s possible transfer of 10 detainees from Guantanamo Bay detention facility to the Navy brig in Charleston. The prisoners would reportedly face military hearings there.
Barrett has asked Gov. Mark Sanford to take legal action to block this from happening.
Monday, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer requested that State Attorney General Henry McMaster take a legal stand to keep “these terrorists out of our backyard.”
Bauer says, “I find this option to be completely unacceptable – not only for the security risk that our citizens would face harboring murderers who have already taken American lives, but more so the possibility that these terrorists might be afforded the rights and protections of the very country they have tried to destroy if they are brought onto U.S. soil.”
Lt. Governor Bauer says he plans to contact other ranking officials both here in South Carolina and in Washington D.C. Bauer is running against McMaster in the Republican primary for governor.