Trident Tech prepares for Boeing

With the announcement of Boeing’s coming to North Charleston, local colleges are gearing up for the work force. Trident Technical College in North Charleston has two aeronautic programs that are getting students ready to work when Boeing comes in to town. Dean of the Aeronautical Studies Program Barry Franco says the school’s aeronautics division offers two different tracks of programs.
“One is in aircraft maintenance, which certifies the individuals to become mechanics, the people who go out and maintain the aircraft once they are put into operation. The other track is in aircraft assembly or aircraft manufacturing program. That certificate program is designed to prepare individuals who seek employment in the aircraft manufacturing industry,” says Franco.
The aircraft assembly program is two semesters long, while the aircraft manufacturing lasts for six semesters.
Boeing is expected to bring in at least 900 new jobs connected with the new facility. State lawmakers say within five years that investment could total 3,800 jobs and $750 million in investment, according to incentives approved this week by the General Assembly. Franco says they are prepared for the upcoming influx of students seeking Boeing employment.
“We’ve been working with them now for the last three or four years. It’s a pretty simple process as far as an individual wanting to come and get employment if they have a background in manufacturing or aviation. If they do not, our suggestion to them is to enroll in one of our programs to get that experience that they need, and then apply to Boeing to gain employment,” says Franco.
Trident Tech also has the readySC program that is a six-week training program for Boeing employees already hired.