Boeing employees to be trained through readySC

Employees hired for the new Boeing assembly line in North Charleston will be required to go through a training program, which utilizes local technical schools.
Trident Technical College in North Charleston has a readySC program that will train new Boeing employees and get them ready for work. Trident Tech Dean of Aeronautics Studies Program Barry Franco says what readySC is designed to do: “To offer start-up training at no charge to bring companies and businesses into the state,” says Franco.
And one of those companies being Boeing, is adding many new jobs to South Carolina’s workforce. readySC is part of the South Carolina Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education and is a six-week program to help train the Boeing employees already hired.
“Boeing being a new company here, readySC will gear and tailor their training to train the hourly employees. So, they’ll do all the start-up training, and any training beyond the start-up training the college can do that either through the academic side or the continuing education side. Of course, that will be with charge,” says Franco.
Trident also has two aviation academic programs for anyone to enroll in.