New Morning leads sex ed campaign

A new non-profit organization in South Carolina is working to affect and protect sex education policies in Palmetto State Schools. The New Morning Foundation and its “TellThemSC” website are engaged in a campaign encouraging state citizens to write their legislators.
The organization also advocates access to birth control and right to privacy between patients, and doctor-patient privacy.
Kelly Orner with New Morning says the real issue in sex ed is preventing sexually-transmitted infections. She points out that currently 9,700 South Carolinians are living with AIDS.
“The therapy is that when you arm kids with the information they need to protect themselves and how to prevent it in the first place,” said Orner, “then they will take note and start to follow more safe practices.” 
The New Morning Foundation is funded by two annonymous donors.
Orner says South Carolina’s high level of HIV infection does not have to be.
Listen here:    Kelly Orner
The New Morning Foundation participated in the National HIV/AIDS event held by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control in Columbia last week. DHEC was among organizations in 20 states invited to take part in the federal Office of National AIDS Policy’s HIV/AIDS Community discussion. The comments will go to White House Administrators and other policy makers as they plan ways to reach the goals of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.