Joe Wilson: Health care plan still covers illegal aliens

Story compiled by SCRN’s Matt Long
Congressman Joe Wilson spent Friday traveling his district to speak out against a new health care plan in the U.S. House, saying he is worried about loopholes in the proposed law.
House Democrats’ new proposal is called the Affordable Healthcare for America Act and is designed to increase the percentage of Americans with health coverage to 96 percent. Wilson spoke with the South Carolina Radio Network while travelling between press conferences.
Wilson says — at almost two-thousand pages — the proposal is simply too big and he worries about loopholes in the bill. Wilson has been most concerned about illegal immigrants being covered under the plan and says he’s working on an amendment to prevent that.
Congressman Wilson says it will take more than a week to learn about this bill and how it affects his constituents. He says he believes Congress will be able to reach some kind of agreement on health care reform.