Brown: Bill strengthens veterans' benefits

During the past week, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs approved two bills, including measures to improve and expand veterans’ benefits, and to improve job training opportunities for veterans. South Carolina’s Congressman Henry E. Brown and ranking Republican on the VA Subcommittee on Health, is an original co-sponsor of the Draft Benefits Bill.
This legislation would amend a law granting relief to those called to military service so that cell phone and other service contracts can be cancelled without penalties, provide enforcement of rights afforded under the Act, and allow parents of certain deceased veterans to be buried in national cemeteries, along with other provisions.
“The Draft Benefits Bill, created by grouping several essential pieces of veterans’ legislation together, will further ensure that our nation’s heroes and their families are adequately provided for while they are on active duty and once they return home,” said Brown. “This legislation brings us one step closer to showing these men and women how much their incredible bravery and sacrifice truly means to us.”
The Committee also approved H.R. 1168, as amended, the Veterans’ Retraining Act of 2009, authorizing monthly employment training assistance for veterans, as well as a housing allowance while the veteran is in the training program.