SC steel mill may remain closed until 2011

A Georgetown steel mill that closed its doors in July may stay closed longer than originally anticipated. ArcelorMittal’s Georgetown steel mill closed July 10, laying off more than 200 employees. The mill’s closure put a dent in the local economy. Now, after months of closed doors, United Steelworkers Union local president James Sanderson told the Sun News of Myrtle Beach the steel mill may not reopen until 2011.
In August, laid-off employees were offered to have their jobs back if they accepted a 32-hour work week with $3.65 an-hour pay, but the union rejected the offer. Sanderson says the rejected offer is not the blame for the extended closure.
In July, the mill was ordered to temporarily idle the plant for at least six months. The closure extension was not confirmed by ArcelorMittal officials.