Chiefs' LJ blasts Haley on his Twitter page

Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is at it again. His latest antics may get him in hot water with head Todd Haley. Sunday night, after the Chiefs 37-7 loss to San Diego, Johnson was on his Twitter account bashing the first year coach.
The Kansas City Star’s website is also reporting and alleging that Johnson made two anti-gay remarks in back to back days.
First, I’ll start with the slam on Haley. In two separate tweets, Johnson wrote. “My father got more creditentials than most of these pro coaches.” His second tweet “My father played for the coach from “rememeber the titans”. Our coach played golf. My father played for redskins briefley. Our coach. Nuthn.”
The Star say the quotes came from the Twitter account named “Toonicon” which is the alias Johnson uses. On the account, it has a link to Johnson’s personal website.
There was also a gay slur made on that same Twitter account on Sunday. Reporters who gathered around Johnson at his locker on Monday contend that he uttered another gay slur as he turned back toward his locker after announcing he would not talk to the media until Thursday.
According to ESPN, the league is looking into the allegatioins. As far as Haley, all he said was that he takes how the players conduct themselves in front of the media, very seriously.
I’m not going to comment on the gay slurs. From a pure football standpoint and putting the coach down publicly, I think Johnson’s thoughts on his coach need to be kept in house. It is just the latest distraction by Johnson that will or has driven a wedge in the middle of the team. Haley’s first mistake was keeping this guy around after he walked out of last season’s finale saying it was time for him and Kansas City to go in different directions.
Now, you can take Johnson’s tweet and say he’s the bad apple, but in a bigger sense it opens the question, how many other players feel this way? Several in the local media are questioning some of Haley’s moves and decision making and feel that he is in over his head. Could Haley be losing this team already or is it just another example of Larry being Larry?