SC Supreme Court questions Sanford waiver

Sanford Atty Kevin Hall meets with press after Supreme Court arguments

Did Gov. Mark Sanford relinquish all privacy in a state investigation into his travel spending? That seems to be the question at hand as the state’s highest court is asking the governor, the state Ethics Commission and the SC House of Representatives to file additional briefs this week. According to a court order Friday, they must address “a question regarding Governor Mark Sanford’s August 28, 2009 letter to respondent Herbert R. Hayden, Jr.”  (Ethics commission director)
These three parties disagree on who should see an investigation report and when they should be allowed to see it.
At issue now seems to be what the governor’s waiver letter truly meant— as opposed to private agreements that may have happened between his attorneys and the SC Ethics Commission. In the first round of arguments, Chief Justice Toal described Sanford’s letter/press release as “a public waiver with a private reservation.”
Listen to Chief Justice Toal and Justice Donald Beatty questioned attorney-for-Sanford Kevin Hall on the subject of the waiver letter.
The ethics commission contends that Sanford’s public waiver letter is the official, all encompassing waiver. Hayden says the investigation will not be complete until this November.