SC House members will hear impeachment resolution Tuesday

South Carolina lawmakers will convene Tuesday for a brief special session to approve a change in state law that would allow close to 7,000 jobless residents to be eligible for extended federal unemployment benefits.
At the same time, Chester Republican Greg Delleney is at least one lawmaker who says he will introduce an impeachment resolution to go after Governor Mark Sanford.
Delleney says his resolution would be good even if House members don’t yet have the state Ethics Commission’s report on the Governor’s business trips.  “Impeachment can’t occur without a resolution,” said Delleney.  “And if it turns out that the Ethics Commission’s report has any thing we can add to the resolution, it can be amended.” 
House Speaker Bobby Harrell has said lawmakers will wait for the State Ethics Commission to conclude its investigation into Sanford’s travel before considering impeachment.
House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham says taking up impeachment for debate Tuesday would require a two-thirds vote of the chamber and that’s not likely this week:  “It’s a very weighty issue and I would anticipate that most members will guard that vote very carefully.”
And Bingham says impeachment will not be taken lightly.  “They’re not going to prejudice themselves one way or the other until they’re invested in the issue,” said Bingham, “and they understand the consequences and exactly what has taken place, and whether or not the governor’s conduct has risen to a level that would warrant such a drastic action.” 
Delleney says he’s putting up the resolution because he believes it’s the right thing to do.  “There’s no one in the private sector or in the military who, said Delleney, “if they had conducted themselves as he conducted himself wouldn’t expect not to lose their job.”