Diocese of South Carolina takes stand

The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina takes a stand over actions taken by the national church. Officials of the Diocese voted at a special convention Saturday to distance the Diocese from the national church in response to recent church actions affirming the rights of gays and lesbians including calling for the blessing of same sex unions. Officials of the Diocese also express concerns about other issues involving the national church. The resolution also calls for the Diocese to engage other disaffected orthodox Episcopalians that disagree with recent stances taken by the national church. Diocese of South Carolina Bishop Mark Lawrence calls the action┬átaken by┬áthe Diocese a “protest of conscience.”
“The withdrawing is from certain bodies of the Episcopal Church that have gone contrary to Holy Scripture, gone contrary to the to the mind of the Anglican Communion, and gone contrary to our own constitution and cannons of the Episcopal Church.”
Bishop Lawrence and other officials of the Diocese say the vote taken at the special convention represents a disengagement from the governing bodies of the national church, but should not be perceived as a formal separation.