Future of SC forestry industry examined this week

The South Carolina Forestry Commission says they have scheduled a first-of-its-kind conference to tackle future use of forests in South Carolina. This Wednesday more than four dozen leaders from government, academia, and the timber and forest products industries are scheduled to meet in Columbia
The meeting is slated to address the future of forestry–the state’s #1 manufacturing industry–and how it will serve the state economy with an estimated $20 billion impact by the year 2015.
Also on the agenda: the state’s place in global energy and the biomass industry.
The Forestry Commission and the South Carolina Forestry Association say they have gathered key stakeholders in this industry for first time in history. The commission’s list includes Pete Stewart of the firm Forest2Market, Mac Lupold of Lupold Consulting, Bob Scott of the South Carolina Forestry Association, Gene Kodama, State Forester and agency head of the SC Forestry Commission and Dr. Doug Woodward, Director of the Division of Research at USC’s Moore School of Business.
They meet starting Wednesday morning at Harbison State Forest outside of Columbia. Officials leading the meeting say they are looking at the four E’s: economy, energy, employment and the environment and that they “have their work cut out for them.”