Bauer plans to run as governor stays

Lt. Gov. Bauer held a press conference on Aug. 26 to ask Gov. Sanford to step down

South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer says he plans to announce his own bid to run for governor in the very near future. Bauer has not yet officially announced his gubernatorial bid for the 2010 governor’s race because he was waiting to see if Governor Mark Sanford was going to take Bauer up on his offer and resign.
“The next week or two, I’m going to go ahead and run, and that deal is off the table. I made that while I hadn’t announced, but once I announce in good faith and ask people to get behind me, I can’t then go back and say: Oh well now I’m going to go ahead and get out of the race because the governor has decided to step down because he was impeached,” says Bauer.
Bauer said he originally set up the deal in hopes the governor would resign, so as he said then, the state could move on.