Anti-virals being requested for the flu-infected

While working to get more H1N1 flu vaccine to keep people from getting sick, health officials in the state are also trying to help those who’ve already caught the bug. Deb Scholten, director of the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department in Wayne, says they’ve requesting anti-viral drugs from the national strategic supply.
“Hardly anybody’s been vaccinated so far,” Scholten says. “Some people have already contracted it and if you can get the virus early, like within the first 48 hours, and you take antivirals, your symptoms are going to be markedly decreased. It won’t prevent you from getting the flu but it certainly does help so that you’re not as ill.”
Scholten says while they have received some H1N1 vaccine, more is on the way. Certain priority groups that are considered most at-risk got the first doses of the vaccine and she’s asking that people be patient as more shipments are expected to arrive as the weeks go on.
Scholten says people should not be afraid of getting the vaccine as it’s been fully tested. She says the precautions have been significant and the vaccine was shown to be safe in all the clinical trials.
She says they expect continued shipments of both the vaccine and the anti-virals, which will be distributed to providers in their region, including: Cedar, Dixon, Thurston, and Wayne counties.
Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton