SC Supreme Court hears Sanford ethics arguments

Today the state Supreme Court hears arguments over whether the ethics investigation of Gov. Mark Sanford should be shared with the legislature —or if the court will intervene at all.

Gov. Sanford, at a press conference about the ethics probe, looks to attorney to clarify his position

The South Carolina Ethics Commission is looking into Governor Sanford’s travel spending. After he admitted to leaving the country and having an affair, lawmakers, the Associated Press and now the Ethics Commission have looked into Sanford’s activities. The legislature wants a report from the ethics panel, so that they can decide if impeachment is necessary.
In a recent press conference to publicize his concerns, the governor stated that sharing the information with the SC House “fundamentally is not fair, tied to the larger notion that every one of us, if something’s brought against you, you should have your say too, to say ‘wait, here’s the rest of the story.'”
Hose leaders say that because they may impeach, they are entitled to see that the Ethics Commission has found.
The state Ethics Commission says it has not decided if  it will share the report at all. They argue that the governor is acting too soon and perhaps unnecessarily.
Today at 2:30 — and in the following decision of the state’s top court– all parties hope the matter will be settled.