F-16 pilot likely died in mid-air

The search for the missing pilot of one of the F-16 jets that crashed in mid-air last week was called off over the weekend. F-16 pilot Captain Louie Giglio crashed in mid-air Thursday evening with another F-16 flown by Captain Lee Bryant, who was released from the hospital with no injuries. After more than 170 hours of search, covering more than 8,000 square miles, Coast Guard and Air Force officials have called off the search. WTMA reports U.S. Coast Guard Captain Michael McAllister says Giglio likely died at impact. At a press conference Saturday, he stated, “We’re gonna make every effort to recover Captain Giglio’s aircraft and his remains. We are grateful for all of those involved in the search effort.”
Giglio flew from Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter. His plane went down during training exercises off the Charleston coast.