Missing F-16 search continues

The Coast Guard and other rescue crews along the coast are still in search for the missing F-16 fighter jet from Shaw Air Force Base that crashed off of the coast of Charleston Thursday night. An eyewitness, Tom, who did not give his last name, told the listeners of a Charleston affiliate WTMA talk show, he saw one of the fighter jets fly over.
“Well, we were on the water last night. This was around 8:30 and we seen one of the jets fly over. We could barely see it with the clouds covered over it, but we knew it was one of the fighter jets and didn’t think anything about it, and then a couple minutes later, we just happened to look up in the southeastern direction and it was this horrible green flash. The first thing I thought of was some kind of firework or something,” says Tom.
The crash happened when the F-16 jet collided with another jet during night exercises off the coast. The pilot of one of the jets, Captain Lee Bryant landed safely at the Charleston Air Force Base. He was reportedly not hurt after the crash. The other pilot, Captain Nicholas Giglio, is still missing.
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