Football owner has big beef with former GM

Jeff Sprowls, a son of the owner of the Omaha Beef indoor football team, filed a police report claiming that former all-pro tight end Russ Francis who was recently the team’s GM, illegally used a team’s debit card. Francis contaced the Omaha World Herald who wrote the story and said he used the card for team purposes and always signed his named, writing quote “hardly the actions of a thief.”
This is a strange story in the Omaha World-Herald. There have been a couple of odd instances between management and it’s workers with this franchise. The Sprowls filed a lawsuit earlier this year claiming they were locked out of offices after firing the president and vice president at the time. The lawsuit was later dropped.
Management has been a revolving door with the Beef as well and they have changed several coaches despite having great success during the past few regular seasons.