Nebraska gets a "C" in protecting children's rights

A recent report by the University of San Diego School of Law’s Children Advocacy Institute shows that when it comes to protecting the legal rights of children who have been abused and/or neglected, Nebraska earns a “C” rating. Elisa Wiechel is the administrative director and staff attorney for the organization. She says they looked at several points including having an attorney be appointed to oversee the child and advocate for their best well being.
“Nebraska law actually does require the court to appoint an attorney as the G-A-L, where they lost a few points is in the role that attorney plays pursuant to state law.”
Wiechel says with the good news, the attorney assigned may not have specialized training to deal with child issues.  Wiechel says the attorneys must be trained to make sure their client is best represented. Fourteen states received a “C” rating. Eight states scored a “D”, seven and “F”. Iowa scored an “A”.