Joe Wilson to host three town hall meetings Saturday

For the first time since his “town hall moment,” Congressman Joe Wilson is hosting a day of town hall meetings.
When Joe Wilson of the Second District yelled “You Lie” at President Barack Obama during a joint session of Congress, it was the “shout heard round the world.” After he apologized to the president, he called the outburst “a town hall moment,” referring to the yelling matches that occurred at such gatherings that were held throughout the country this summer
Town Hall meetings have been a Joe Wilson tradition, and they have been well-mannered events–until the health care debate (and some well-placed hecklers) ignited less-than-civil debate.
Health care will head the agenda as this Saturday, the Congressman is taking on three town halls in his district… in one day. They will be at 9 a.m. at Barnwell High School, noon at North High School in the town of North, and then at 4 p.m. at Wade Hampton High School in Varnville.
Wilson’s office says he is willing to talk about any and all concerns the Second District may have.