School leaders fear cuts in special legislative session

Many Nebraska school administrators are dreading the upcoming special session of the legislature as it may mean deep cuts to the state’s education budget. Funding for public schools, colleges and universities makes up almost half of the state’s annual spending.
Crofton Schools superintendent Randy Anderson says it would be very difficult to make major adjustments at this point in his district’s budget. “I don’t know exactly where we would look right now to cut,” Anderson says. “Staff is in place, your bussing is in place, fuel costs are pretty much uncontrolled.”
If the mandate from state leaders comes down that schools have to cut existing programs, Anderson says it’s unclear just how that can be accomplished.
Anderson says, “To actually find places to cut, it would be minimal cuts that we could do, more or less band-aid approaches right now simply because the year has already started and we’re expecting to complete our year on time and on task.” He says any cut in state aid could force schools to borrow money to finish the school year.
Governor Heineman is calling legislators back to Lincoln early next month to cut the state budget. Net tax revenues for September were down $40-million from projections.
Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton