NAEP math report card: SC below national average

The National Assessment of Educational Progress known as NAEP (pronounced nape) has released “The Nation’s Report Card: Mathematics 2009.” The report outlines the performance of the nation’s  fourth and eighth grade students. It shows that the states’s students before and after middle school are, on-the-average, operating slightly below average.
Fourth grade youngsters in South Carolina registered an average score of 236, three points lower than the national average of 239 and one point lower than the state’s fourth graders’ average score in 2007. The percentage of students in South Carolina who performed at or above the NAEP proficiency levels was 34 percent, two points below 2007’s total of 36 percent. African American students’ average score was 25 points lower than whites, Hispanic students score 13 points below whites. Students on free or reduced price lunch scored 22 points lower that 4th graders not on free or reduced lunch.
The average score for eighth graders in the state is 2009 is 280 just slightly below the national average of 282, which was score of state eighth graders in 2007. 30 percent of the state’s eighth graders performed at or above the NAEP proficiency level. African American eighth  graders average score was 29 points below that of white students. Hispanic students scored 23 points lower that whites. Eighth graders on free or reduced lunch scored on average 26 points below those not eligible for free or reduced lunch.