Highest court begins hearing water case issue

The U.S. Supreme Court finally began hearings on the question of intervenors being added to the case involving the lawsuit South Carolina has brought against North Carolina in a battle over the usage of water from the Catawba River. During an hour-long hearing Tuesday, the court began hearing arguments on whether three intervenors should be allowed to join with North Carolina in the water case lawsuit. The hearings were postponed last Monday because of the illness of one of the attorneys involved in the case.

SC Attorney General Henry McMaster won the chance for the state to get a U.S. Supreme Court Hearing

Last year, the special master assigned to the case by the court allowed the city of Charlotte, Duke Energy, and the Catawba River Supply Project to enter the case. South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster objected saying their inclusion in the case would only prolong the case and make it more costly.
Charlotte City Attorney Mac McCarley says he believes the decision of the court will come down to the question of whether North Carolina has made a fair and reasonable use of the¬†water in the Catawba River Valley. The court’s decision on the issue of the intervenors could come either by the end of December, or when the court session ends next June.