Corrections Department 100 percent at fugitive recovery

Three inmates from three different corrections facilities walked away from work detail last week. They are now in a maximum security prison. The state corrections department had 13 escapes last year, ten of those from low security situations. All thirteen were apprehended.
Add to that the three now captured from last week. Josh Gelinas of the Corrections department says that success speaks to a system that does work, “when you have more than 3000 inmates in a minimum security setting that can go out.”
Gelinas says the corrections department believes the minimum security environment is important, allowing inmates to re-acclimate to real life, and to earn income.
“Most importantly it is used to pay room and board, used to pay victims assistance funds and child support and alimony,” says Gelinas.
The three minimum security inmates who have been apprehended–now face felony escape charges, with up to 15 years in maximum security prison.