BSDC awards employees worries about cuts

Several state employees were honored Tuesday afternoon at Beatrice State Developmental Center ranging in service from ten years to 45 years.
Many are employees of the embattled Beatrice State Developmental Center. Neighborhood Services Administrator for BSDC, Delvin Koch says optimism describes the feeling at the center as it recovers from federal inspections that showed alleged cases of abuse and neglect.
The center is trying to regain certification for federal funding. Koch says BSDC has filled over 90% of vacant job positions, but is in a transition period of adding some positions and eliminating others. The centers population of developmentally disabled persons stands at about 185.
This year, some medically fragile patients were ordered moved from the facility, but some have returned.
Nebraska lawmakers are facing a special session next month to cut the budget and address a serious revenue shortfall. Koch says there is concern how the process might affect BSDC.
Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy, who helped honor state employees on Tuesday, said the Governor and legislators are formulating plans to deal with the revenue shortage.
Last year, the legislature set aside money to address a loss of federal support for BSDC.