Evidence agreement reached in missing woman's case

A Lowcountry attorney and the City of Charleston Police Department have reached an agreement over evidence collection in the case of Katherine Waring. Katherine Waring disappeared on June 12. Last Saturday, Charleston County Coroner Rae Wooten identified Waring’s skeletal remains after they were found off of Wadmalaw Island in Charleston.
“This identification was done through dental identification means involving dental records obtained from her personal dentist and comparing those to the remains,” says Wooten.
Attorney Andy Savage then filed a restraining order against the Charleston City Police Department and the county’s sheriff’s office because it was reported officers took notebooks and cameras from the private investigator’s car. An agreement was reached yesterday. Police will turn over the evidence taken from the private investigator back to that investigator. Savage spoke with WCSC about the sheriff’s office, who took the evidence on behalf of the Charleston Police Department.
“We never had an issue with the sheriff’s office, never. The sheriff’s office has done nothing but further the investigation of these matters,” says Savage.
The City of Charleston Police Department issued a statement that says “the issues arising from the lawsuit against Sheriff Al Cannon, the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Greg Mullen and the City of Charleston Police Department were resolved and the integrity of the evidence related to Kate Waring’s disappearance and death has been preserved and will be used in our continuing investigation.”
Ethan Mack and Heather Camp face charges in Waring’s disappearance.