Port of Charleston celebrates "World Maritime Day"

State Ports AuthorityThe South Carolina State Ports Authority continued its “Pledge for Growth” today at the Port of Charleston. “World Maritime Day is an annual event celebrated all across the country and around the world. The Coast Guard, the Ports Authority, and a number of private sector maritime folks gathered to celebrate it here in Charleston,” says SPA spokesperson Byron Miller. Miller says “World Maritime Day” was a day to celebrate a pledge to create a healthier port, and a cleaner environment.
“This port community is taking a leadership role in protecting the environment and the reason we’re doing that is because we have to grow responsibly, yet at the same time we have to support our customers. So, that balance is essential and we had companies from all across the Charleston area demonstrating that,” says Miller.
The SPA and several private companies are partnering with the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, SCDHEC, the South Carolina Trucking Association, the EPA and the American Lung Association on $5 million in various projects to help reduce diesel emissions.
“That’s everything from putting cleaner engines in port equipment to placing filters on over the road trucks, cleaner engines on tugs and dredges, cleaner fuels. A lot of different efforts to reduce the port’s impact and continue to allow us to bring in good jobs,” says Miller.
“World Maritime Day” is an annual event that is sponsored by the International Maritime Organization.