Naked man arrested in mall

A man that was chasing another man with a knife through a North Charleston mall was arrested after he was found naked in the mall’s bathroom. Sunday, 24-year-old Tavon Emanuel Grissitte of Jamestown was chasing another man with a knife through the Northwoods Mall in North Charleston around noon, fully dressed at the time. Although the reason behind the chase was not described, an officer and mall security met with the victim after Grissitte ran to the back of the mall toward the bathroom.
When the officer entered the mall bathroom he saw Grissitte’s shoes and jacket lying on the floor inside of the stall. The officer then approached the stall, with a fully loaded gun, and found Grissitte stripped naked. The incident report states the officer directed the man to get dressed, and he confiscated the knife that was stuck in Grissitte’s shoe.
Grissitte has been charged with armed robbery.