Graham holds town hall in Upstate

Around 500 people attended a town hall meeting with U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham at Furman University Monday night. Graham, who heard the sound of hecklers during the course of the meeting , spoke on a number of issues including the war in Afghanistan. “What would it be like for this country if the people who allowed Al-Kaeda to plan the attack to take over  the very country from where it all started? You know what it would be like? It would be hell to pay.”
Graham has been a strong supporter of the Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan General Stanley McChrystal, who has requested a minimum of 40,000 more troops. Graham says the U.S. cannot afford to abandon Afghanistan. ” The ripple affect of us leaving Afghanistan and turning that place back over to the Taliban, in my view, would be the biggest national security mistake we would have ever made as a nation.”
Graham also tackled the issue of health care saying that he is not in favor of a public option. “I am convinced that if the government creates a public option as one of the choices in this country, that the private health insurance industry as we know it today would go out of business.”
Graham says he prefers market competition over government control. “Ladies and gentleman the last thing in the world we need to do is to give the government more power over health care. We need to open it up to competition, let you buy policies across state lines, and give you tax credits and deductions so you can go out and buy a policy that meets your family’s needs.”