Good Samaritan comes foward after ambulance hit pedistrian

Greenville police say the “good Samaritan” who used his truck to block the road and protect an injured person Friday has come foward to help in analyzing the accident. The pedestrian who was hit by an ambulance on the way to a Greenville hospital Friday night has died.
Forty-six-year-old Oscar Whitner had been on life support since the accident but his family agreed to take him off.
Whitner had been visiting his wife at the hospital just before the accident. Police say no traffic laws were broken.
Greenville Police Sgt. Jason Rampey says a man who he calls a good Samaritan did a really good thing.
“The man pulled his truck into oncoming traffic to shield the individual,” says Rampey. “And he helped EMS render aid to the individual.” 
Rampey says the unidentified man came forward as a witness on Tuesday to help a reconstruction team attempt to understand the incident.