Campbell: TBC's new center will help state's economy, jobs

One of the largest automotive replacement tire marketers, TBC Corporation, is building a new distribution center in Berkeley County. Berkeley Senator Paul Campbell says the new facility will create about 100 new jobs, building the local and state economy.
“We had everything pulling together for this thing to come together. So, we went after this project cause we wanted this for the people of the lowcountry,” says Campbell.
The TBC distribution center will sit on about 400 acres in Berkeley County, and will support wholesale operations. Campbell says people from all over the state helped with the project.
“Listen, this was everybody pulling together. The governor, commerce, Berkeley County, Dan Davis. This was a senate delegation from the lowcountry, this was a Regional Development Alliance, this was everybody pulling together. The State Ports Authority, everybody pulling this thing to make it happen,” says Campbell.
After the center opens at the end of 2010, TBC will become the Port of Charleston’s fourth largest customer. State Senator Larry Grooms says there will be a significant amount of volume that TBC will import through Charleston.
Campbell says he sees TBC’s addition to South Carolina as a plus for the state as a whole.
“You gotta do something on property tax, you gotta do something on the whole thing. You gotta be competitive because the other states are working very hard to track these guys, and we need them more than anybody else at this point in South Carolina. Our whole economy in South Carolina needs jobs. We’re 11.5% unemployment, we’ve gotta do something in South Carolina to show the folks we’re doing everything we can to put people back to work,” says Campbell.
The construction on TBC’s distribution center is expected to begin by the end of this year.