Richland Co. man charged with beating child into critical condition

The man who authorities say critically injured a two-year-old child was denied bond Monday. The child is now on life support with no signs of brain activity. Twenty-two-year-old Dannie Floyd Nichols is charged with causing great bodily injury to a child.
Lt. Chris Cowan with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department says Nichols injured the girl Sunday while babysitting her, while her mother was at work. Relatives took the child to the Hopkins fire station and she was then taken to a hospital.
Cowan says the girl had visible injuries.  “This is an extreme child abuse case,” he says, “a horrific incident, where a two-year-old female child was abused.  The doctors tell us it was abuse.  It’s a horrible situation and our hearts and prayers go out to the little girl who is fighting for her life.”   
Nichols told the judge Monday that the child’s injuries were an accident. Nichols’ parents told reporters that he is bipolar and has not been on his medication. His mother said the girl was injured accidentally as Cowan constructed a chicken coop.
Cowan says the injuries don’t look like an accident.