Allegations fly over special session

Vic Covalt, the chairman of the Nebraska Democratic Party has leveled claims that a special legislative session to cut the budget was due to mismanagement by the Governor.  Lincoln Senator Tony Fulton.
“I mean, in terms of mismanagement of the budget is just preposterous.  The fact that we are able to react as we are is indicative of good management of the budget.”
 Fulton says is open minded about methods of going about cuts, including across the board cuts.
“There’s some merit to that, and the way I’m answering this question is just the way I’ve thought through it. It’s both Hands. I think we’re going to have to look in the first place, across the board and that’s because sea level has gone down for everybody in the state, therefore it should go down for everybody in state government.”
Last week, Fulton announced his official candidacy for the office of State Treasurer.