Man linked with Horry County wildfire gets court date

The man South Carolina Forestry Commission officials originally said started a garbage fire that sparked the Horry County Wildfire in April will get his day in court Thursday. Marc Torchi will face Judge Margie Livingston on October 15 at 8:30 A.M. for a ticket issued for allowing the fire to spread to another person’s land. In April, Torchi was fined $732 for not notifying the Forestry Commission that he was conducting a burn and for allowing the fire to spread to the land of another. Investigators says the Conway resident had been burning garbage on April 18 and strong winds allowed the fire he thought he had extinguished to rekindle. The wildfire scorched 20,000 acres of land and destroyed or damaged over 100 homes. Estimates from the South Carolina Insurance News Service put the damages of the fire at over $25 million.