Special election today could oust entire school board

A special election is being held in the Verdigre School District today that could result in an entirely new school board. Petitions were successfully circulated that could result in the recall of all six board members.
Knox County Clerk Joann Fischer says this type of election is uncommon. Fischer says, “We have talked to the secretary of state’s office and they have said that it’s been rare that we have an entire board being recalled.”
The special election stems from a three-point-eight million dollar bond issue that passed last November. Opponents filed suit against the board, a suit that was later dismissed by a district judge.
Fischer says she has made some special arrangements to handle the election. She says, “I brought poll workers from another area of the county just due to the circumstances of this election.”
Fischer says the outcome of the election will determine the next steps for the district. If four or more of the board members are not recalled, those who remain will be able to appoint people to fill the vacancies.
Fischer says there will have to be another special election held if more than two of the six members are recalled. There are just over 800 voters in the district, and 30-percent of them have already cast ballots.
Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton