Thousands of flu vaccines ruined in shipment to MUSC

Thirteen-thousand doses of the regular seasonal flu vaccine that were destined for the Medical University of South Carolina and MUSC hospital in Charleston were accidentally frozen during shipment from the Novartis drug company, rendering them useless.
MUSC spokesperson Heather Woolwine says the the outlook of finding another supply is not good, but they are trying.
Woolwine says the university hospital will still have 2600 regular seasonal flu vaccines, but they will only go to the highest priority vaccine recipients.  She says the MUSC hospital had originally hoped to have vaccines for all of its employees as well as patients. 
MUSC employees are advised to find a vaccine through another source, unless they are likely to be on the high priority list.
MUSC will receive a shipment of H1N1 vaccines within the next ten days.