Senator Nelson speaks on state budget woes

Nebraska lawmakers will be gathering once again in Lincoln before the start of the new year. Governor Dave Heineman is calling the session due to tumbling state revenues. Nebraska U-S Senator Ben Nelson says difficult times call for difficult measures and decisions.
“I think the governor is trying to do what he thinks best to get ahead of the challenge that is clearly coming which is reduced tax revenues.”
Senator Nelson says stimulus money assisted in balancing the budget last year and that money will not be available in the future.
“The last budget, Nebraska closed 88-percent of its 290-million dollar budget cap with stimulus funds. That was 88-percent of 290-million dollars and that about 242 dollars for each person and that came from stimulus funds.”
Senator Nelson says these special sessions are only called when absolutely necessary.
“I had to make a decision a couple of times about special sessions and you don’t make the decision lightly and I know he is not.”