Senator Howard reacts to Special Session

A special session of the legislature is requested by Governor Dave Heineman after a report showed that net tax revenues in September were 40-million dollars below projections. District 9 Senator Gwen Howard from Omaha says it is good that this situation is addressed early.
“I think we have been very fortunate in Nebraska. We have been very prudent. Any of our budget sessions we have had, we have been very careful about appropriating any funding, and I appreciate that. We see other states that are in dire straights regarding revenue. It is good we are looking at this before it becomes a situation that is beyond and easy control.”
Senator Howard says there will be two basic options.
“We had certain numbers we worked from and the numbers that are coming in are below those numbers and that leaves us in a situation that either you do some type of tax increase or you look at where departments can make a sacrifice.”
Senator Howard says the state has a responsibility to live within its own budget and if revenues drop, adjustments need to be made.
“Speaking for myself, being an average person, the average person is just trying to make their own budget work. The state has a responsibility to look at what we can do to stop a revenue… if we have a revenue shortfall, what we can do to stop the output that is going to be in excess of what we have coming in. It is as simple as that.”
Senator Howard says the governor is contacting all state senators and is asking for their opinions and different options.