Amber Alert cancelled, man in custody

Police now have a child abductor in custody after an Amber Alert was issued earlier today. At about 1:30 Wednesday morning, a 5-month-old child, Cori’anna Heyward, was abducted by her father. The Charleston County Sheriffs Office spoke with the mother of the child and conducted an investigation. Public Information Officer John Clark says it was then when they issued the Amber Alert.
“We agreed that an Amber Alert needed to be issued based on the statements made by father to the mother,” says Clark.
Clark says they received word of these threats, and had to take it seriously.
“This was a threat made to the mother by Corey, but this has not been confirmed. At the beginning of this investigation we took that information and we used it, and had to take it seriously, as a matter of fact, because there was a threat made. So that’s what prompted us to issue our Amber Alert,” says Clark.
The Amber Alert was called off at 9:30 this morning.
“The father turned the child in to the Charleston City Police Department on Lockwood Drive. We had sheriff’s deputies there on scene and we were able to take the child into custody, as well as the father, Corey Heyward,” says Clark.
Heyward is now in police custody.