Silent Witness ceremony is a solemn reminder

The solemn bag pipe of Jesse Johnson with the Citadel Regimental Pipe Band closed the annual Silent Witness Ceremony held at the Statehouse Tuesday, remember all those who died in South Carolina as a result of domestic violence.
Attorney General Henry McMaster called the names of twenty-six women and six men in South Carolina who lost their lives, just during the previous year. Life-sized silhouettes representing each victim were carried to Statehouse steps by Victims’ family members, friends, or volunteers. A 33rd silhouette represented the potential unknown victim.
McMaster stated that domestic violence affects families from all economic backgrounds, and he reminded everyone that victims of domestic violence and those who commit it need help.  “As we assemble today, I realized that we’ll assemble again next year and read another list of lost loved ones, right here.  And I realize that those lost loved ones are alive today, but they’ll be gone tomorrow.  It’s a staggering thought.  But it’s also a reminder, that although it’s too late for those in the book today,   it is not too late for those tomorrow.” 
 Mcmaster says domestic violence is the secret that is no longer kept a secret.
In South Carolina alone, there are roughly 36,000 domestic violence reports filed with local authorities each year.
South Carolina resident Dave Wells told how he was shot five times by a controlling girlfriend after they separated. The woman then turned the gun on herself and took her own life. Wells almost died.