Sanford on ethics report: Lay it out there, once complete

The Supreme Court says it will hear arguments in Governor Sanford’s case against the state Ethics Commission on Oct. 19.
In an interview with the South Carolina Radio Network Tuesday, Sanford talked about the idea of the Ethics Commission report possibly being released before it is completed.
The Governor said he wants it released, but only after the investigation is complete.  “What we’ve been for consistently is a full review, not a partial review.  It has been our long-standing belief that when that full-review is out there, that it will show that we’ve been great stewards of the taxpayer and tried to watch out for the taxpayer’s assets.  As Paul Harvey says, there is a ‘rest of the story’ here.”
Sanford says the preliminary report that the commission would have now would be nothing more than news headlines from the last few months and he says it’s not right to release that.
The South Carolina House is now a party to the Supreme Court case. Speaker Bobby Harrell asked the court to allow them to intervene. Harrell says Governor Sanford opened the investigative process early on by waiving his right to confidentiality. But Harrell argues that now Sanford is trying to close the process.
Sanford says absolutely not.  “We are absolutely for completely transparency.  Put it up on the line, put it in every newspaper across South Carolina, put where ever you want to put it, but let’s have the Ethics Committee complete its work before we lay it out there.” 
Sanford says transparency would benefit everyone.  “What I consistently hear from people is that they would like to move on and make this next one the most productive legislative session that we can make it.  And toward that end, it’s important that the Ethics Commission complete its work.” 
Governor Sanford’s attorneys filed a reply to the state Ethics Commission’s arguments Tuesday. The commission says it’s too early for a dispute over the investigation to be decided.