Nebraska seniors being warned of scams

The Better Business Bureau is warning senior citizens of a dramatic increase in scams. BBB President Jim Hegarty says because of the depressed economy, more people are looking to make a quick buck and senior citizens are easy targets.
“Many of these solicitations come from sweepstakes that tell them they are finalists. These are not designed to tap them for a lot of money, $30, $40 or $50 at a time.”
Hegarty says these scammers prey on senior citizens because many are lonely. Hegarty says the scams vary from fraudulent insurance officers, prescription drug offers and home improvement schemes. He also advises everyone to be wary if you receive a check in the mail and are urged to wire money back to the sender. Before doing any business with a company you are not familiar with, call the Better Business Bureau first to see if it is a legitimate business.