Lincoln only district in the state not to meet NCLB standards

The Lincoln Public School District doesn’t fare well in the latest statewide report card. That report shows that the state’s students improved overall last year in meeting education standards. But, Nebraska’s second-largest school district made the federal government’s needs improvement list. Lincoln Public Schools Associate Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Marilyn Moore explains to us that the tests across the state are not uniform and that Lincoln’s testing are pretty rigid.
“We set high standards, we set high expectations, and this just shows that when you look at comparable information our students do very well and when they are compared against Lincoln Public school standards, we have some work to do and that’s a good thing because it means we are holding our students accountable for really high accomplishments.”
Dr. Moore says that they realize they need to improve a focus on math, particularly at the elementary and middle school levels.
The testing will be changed in the future thanks to legislation requiring uniform testing statewide.