Spratt pushes through funding to help electric co-ops

A federal Energy and Water Appropriations Bill passed the U.S. House with a strong vote late last week. In it is a change that electric cooperatives in the state say will hold down electric bills.
South Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives and those across the nation credit Congressman John Spratt with that change…to provide stable funding for Power Marketing Administrations (PMAs). Many rural co-ops buy this energy, which comes from Hydro electric stations at lakes …like Lake Russell and Thurmond on the Savannah River.
Mike Couick, CEO of The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc., said, “We’ve been seeking this funding change for many years, and we’re grateful that Congressman Spratt was able to get it in this legislation.”
The bill that passed the House also invests in new fuel technologies, new Smart grid development, increases funds for weatherization grants for homeowners, and  invests in the water infrastructure of communities.
The measure also provides $787 million for nuclear energy research and development, including $105 million for a public-private cooperative program supporting the construction of new nuclear power plants.
Congressman Spratt says the Energy and Water Appropriations Act (H.R. 3183) spurs innovation “to generate American-made energy from solar to biofuels, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, we will put our economy on sound footing.”