Corny, fun way to tour the state

The Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, near Charleston, opened its Carolina Corn Maze this week, and this year, it covers the whole state- so to speak. It’s South Carolina like you’ve never seen it before. “We have taken our annual corn maze, the Boone Hall Carolina Corn Maze, and basically turned it into a trip around South Carolina,” says Director of Agriculture Brock White.
From the Ravenel Bridge to the Statehouse, White says this a-maze-ing adventure is endorsed by the South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department, and highlights various attractions in the state to give people knowledge while having fun.
“Part of the maze is centered around the highway map of South Carolina. We’ve highlighted different parts of the state, whether it be the small town facts that people might not know that the cotton museum is in Bishopville, South Carolina. As well as the bigger cities like Columbia and Charleston,” says White.
White says “Nothing could be finer than to get lost in Carolina.”
It’s turned out really well, and it’s allowed us to really get people that come through our maze to experience how much there is to do around the state,” says White.
Visitors will also be allowed to text message while in the maze to receive directions and clues about which way to go.