Barrett joins call for anti-abortion amendment to HR 3200

Third District Congressman Gresham Barrett has signed on to a letter urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi to fast-track an amendment to prevent abortions being covered by any health care plan that comes out of Congress.
It’s to bring attention to an amendment supported by anti-abortion advocates from both parties. Barrett says, “It was kind of co-authored by Bart Stupak from Michigan and Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania, two dear friends of mine, one Republican, one Democrat and pro-life members. what we’re doing is urging Mrs. Pelosi to allow us to have a vote on this amendment which would not allow state-sponsored or government-funded abortion.”
While to his knowledge, specific abortion funding is not in the bill, Barrett says this amendment would be a preemptive measure, asking that if any bill makes to the floor, there would be no way abortion is covered.
“The most important issue that we deal with is life and there are a lot of members–Republicans and Democrats—who do not believe in abortion and certainly not government-sponsored or government-funded abortion,” says Barrett.
A House committee already defeated Bart Stupak’s amendment to stop abortion funding, so the next step for him would be the House Rules Committee authorizing a vote for his amendment on the floor. Pelosi reportedly has agreed to meet with her party’s anti-abortion contingent.